Read A Novel, Learn About Creation Care: A Book List of Favorite Environmental Novels

Getting our heads around environmentalism can be tough.  News reports may focus on places and problems far away from us.  The science of climate change is debated back and forth, perhaps leaving us frustrated, confused, or just plain exasperated by all the conflict.

An easier – and undoubtedly more enjoyable – way to get our heads around environmental issues is to read a good novel.  Here are some of my favorites, great for a book group (or just plain enjoyment):

Barbara Kingsolver, Prodigal Summer   (Set in the wilderness of Appalachia, this beautiful book celebrates the natural world. Written by a marvelous writer and book club favorite.  Be sure to check out her other books, too.)

Anna Patchett, State of Wonder (This is a page turner. Set in the rainforest of South America, the story is an adventure story involving the hunt for a miracle drug.)

Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things (The author of Eat, Pray, Love is such a good writer that she carries off this story of a middle-aged spinster who watches moss grow.  I kid you not.  One of the best novels I’ve read in a long time.)

Theresa Weir, The Orchard  (This was a Target Club Pick I ran across.  Lots of human drama, along with why you really need to rinse apples before eating.)

Tracy Chevalier, At the Edge of the Orchard  (The real Johnny Appleseed stars in this novel, set in the pioneer days of Ohio. The story is gritty, with abusive and alcoholic characters who are not part of the usual Johnny Appleseed tall tale.  Just published in Spring 2016)

And…News Flash: I’ve just reduced the prices of Kindle editions of my two new creation care books.  Wild Faith: A Creation Care Curriculum for Youth is now $3.49.  Earth Our Garden Home: Creation Care Lessons for Children is now just $2.99.  Perfect for gifting all your teachers or youth group members.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the app for free.

Happy Reading!  If you have additions to this list, please feel free to comment and add your own favorites.  Blessings, Cindy


New Youth Resource, Wild Faith, Now Available

A new resource is now available to introduce creation care to youth: Wild Faith: A Creation Care Curriculum for YouthThis resource was designed and written as part of a generous fellowship from The Episcopal Church to support Environmental Stewardship.

Wild Faith offers comprehensive resources for camps, retreats, summer programs, and environmental programs.  Along with tips and suggestions for introducing environmental stewardship to young people, Wild Faith offers six complete modules of resources for use by camp counselors, youth ministers, retreat leaders, clergy, and volunteers.  Each module includes a worship service, an active group activity, small group discussion or journaling questions, and prayers for use throughout the day.  Badges related to environmental issues may be earned by young people during, after, or independently of your program.  Most resources may be used with adults as well.  Topics include green spirituality, food security, energy sustainability, green social justice, and good stewardship of resources.

Wild Faith is also available in Kindle editions through  Materials may also be used by individuals at their own pace, on pilgrimages, and in conjunction with outdoor activities.  Many of Wild Faith resources may be used in schools or with parish or diocesan Sunday morning programs or youth ministries.