New Crochet Books for Beginners to Advanced Crafters

Do you crochet? Want to learn? Several new resources have just been published to help you learn, help you add some new stitches to your repertoire, or to help you knit more advanced, delicate garments.

Recently Published…

Crochet 101 by Deborah Burger. This is a great book on basic techniques of crochet. I’m a lifelong knitter, and I wondered how easily I could learn the basics of crochet. I gave this book a test drive and successfully made a swatch of single chain stitch. This was a good basic book that takes the beginner step by step in learning crochet. Available in Kindle, paperback, and spiral-bound, currently on sale and with a coupon on the website.

The Crochet Stitch Handbook by Betty Barnden. This is and excellent crochet stitch dictionary. The illustrations and graphics clearly show the stitches and are easy to follow.  I love a good stitch dictionary for designing my own work. In hardback, currently on sale.

Coming Soon…

Delicate Crochet by Sharon Hernes Silverman. This collection includes shawls, cardigans, scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, and more. All designs are made with lightweight #3 yarn or lighter, and some designs utilize Tunisian crochet. Lots of great patterns for the advanced crochet crafter. Available for pre-order now in paperback and Kindle.

All these books are highly recommended. Happy crafting!


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