New Historical Fiction: Women’s Contributions in WWII and New Twists

If you love historical fiction, there’s several new books just published or coming soon for your reading pleasure. And if you find yourself veering towards WWII-based historical fiction, you’ll be glad to know WWII era fiction is still all the rage.

In these new books, we continue to learn of the huge contributions by women to the war efforts, mostly off the battlefield and only recently recognized for their importance. These new books chronicle heroic efforts by women in the resistance, as spies, and as Land Army farm workers. Here are newly published books well worth reading:

The Paris Secret  by Lily Graham: This story, set mostly in Paris, shows the complicated relations between ordinary Parisians and German soldiers occupying the city during WWII. An interesting read and new twist on this genre. Currently available for about $10 paperback and $3 Kindle.

Ike and Kay: A Novel  by James MacManus. Did they or didn’t they? You’ll have to read the book and make up your own mind. This book is a story of General Eisenhower and his driver, Kay Summersby. A rambling book taking you throughout Europe during WWII, particularly timely for discussions of #MeToo. Available in hardback and Kindle.

The Secret Orphan by Glynis Peters. Set before and after the bombing of Coventry, England, this novel offers yet another new twist on this genre. The protagonist is a young woman from a tough background who finds herself in Coventry living in a very odd household. If you liked the series Land Girls, you’ll like this book. Release date of November 9, available for pre-order on Kindle for only $1.99.

Coming later this winter:

The Victory Garden  by Rhys Bowen. Downton Abbey meets The Land Girls. A posh gal meets an Australian pilot and runs off to work for the Land Army.  Good light reading, available for pre-order, release date in February.

The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. I just started reading this, and I already love it. Female French-speaking spies are recruited to work as saboteurs for the Brits. If you liked The Alice Network, you’ll like this book. Available for pre-order, release date in February.

Happy Reading! Cindy


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