Feeding Creativity – Taking Time to Re-Generate

It’s a “blah” winter day here in Sycamore Cove, and a good day to re-group and plan creative projects for the coming year. I’m cuddled up under a hand-knitting shawl with my two tabby cats, scribbling ideas for books, blog posts, and spring knitting projects.

For the past month, I’ve taken a break from my usual projects for some needed self-care. A handsome young doctor cut out my gallbladder last week, so I’m forced to temporary give up my usual dance aerobics and even my dog-walking around the farm. I decided it’s a great time, as well, to “get off my feet” creatively and work on projects just for fun.

We all need to take a break from time to time to regenerate, and I’m hoping that this respite from my usual work will prove just what I needed to push through to the final draft of my next book, “The Prayer Shawl Chronicles: Stories of Unlikely Connections & Unexpected Gifts.”

I hope all my friends and readers are getting some rest and regeneration this winter, too! Here’s what I’ve been reading lately to re-charge and re-group:

Recommended Reading:

The New Creative Artist, by Nita Leland. A beautiful and helpful book for artists. Though I’m a writer, this book encouraged me to “get out of my box” and explore new paths of creativity. I appreciated that the author took an egalitarian approach to art, recognizing commercial art and crafts as well as “fine art.” The book includes many exercises to stretch your creativity. Perfect for all visual artists or any creative person finding herself in a rut.

Conscious Creativity, by Philippa Stanton. Gorgeous photographs and excellent text help you pay better attention to the world around you, noticing textures, patterns, and colors. As a writer, I loved gazing at the vividly colorful photographs. This book took me out of my artistic comfort zone to think more broadly about artistic composition and patterns. This would be a terrific gift book for the creative people in your life!

Blessings, Cindy


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