A Springtime Meditation

The first soft, warm breeze of spring brushes your face.  After a long winter of enclosed spaces, the cruel sting of subzero temperatures, and a bleak landscape, you finally feel the hope and the possibilities of new growth in the short-term future.

All of us have a place where we can become truly and fully who we are, who we were meant to be.  All of us have a place that needs tending, needs watering, needs attention.  What is that place for you?

Imagine this place as a garden plot in very early spring.  There is dirt there, not much else.  Your garden has boundaries, limits to what you can plant and what you can harvest. The garden of your life is in a particular place and exists in a particular time.  You will experience good weather in this garden, thunderstorms, and cold snaps. Pests will visit, and some seeds you plant will not flourish, will not germinate at all.

Yet your dirt is before you and ready to plant.  This dirt contains nutrients there for the taking, a bountiful feast that will support your growth, give support to seeds planted there, and serve as a particular place and object of your attentions – for a time.

Enter this garden.  Approach it with hopefulness and trust that some growth will occur in it over the next several weeks and months.  Take time to watch and listen as the subtle signs of new life silently come to the service. Tend to them. Wait as the fruits of your time and patience come to life.

  • What areas of your life need attention?
  • What would you like to see happen in this “garden” of your life story?
  • What tools might you need, and what seeds might you need to plant, to see this garden of your life become fruitful?

This meditation is excerpted from Considering Birds & Lilies by Cynthia Coe. Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Cynthia Coe is a blogger and author of several books. Visit her Author Page on Amazon for more information and a complete list of her books.


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