Self-Care During Times of Pandemic and Uncertainty

With the C-virus spreading and a shaky stock market, most of us feel at least a little bit of uncertainty about the near future. Will businesses shut down? Will my child’s school close? Will I be able to get groceries in the next few weeks or months? What about the summer vacation I planned?

In these times, we all need to pull out our own personal self-care kits. Most of us have one, even if we don’t call it that. Self-care is what we do when we know we face a crisis, anxiety, or even downright fear and panic. It’s your “go-to” list of things you can do that will make you feel better. 

Some of your self-care routines might become unavailable. Going to the gym, meeting up with friends for a nice meal or a movie, attending a concert, shopping at a busy mall or your favorite big box store – all of these things may not be a great idea as the corona virus spreads. All of these activities cost money, too, and if you even think you might find yourself temporarily unemployed, it’s time to look to inexpensive or free activities to help sooth your nerves.

As I walked through the forest near my house yesterday, I realized my daily walks are one of the few activities in my life that the corona virus can’t touch. As long as I’m not ill myself, I can go outside by myself, get fresh air, feel the sun on my face, and forget all the anxiety ridden news on TV. As soon as I step outside, I feel better, calmer, at peace. It’s my self-care go-to activity that costs nothing, makes me healthier, and does not involve contact with other people.

If you’re of a spiritual nature, a walk in the woods can serve as your time of worship and spiritual practice. You don’t need to go to church and shake hands and exchange germs with the rest of the congregation to find a sense of spiritual peace. All you need to do is go outside, breathe, and notice the signs of springtime budding all around you. And by doing so, you will find hope. You will find peace.

Cynthia Coe is the author of Considering Birds & Lilies: Finding Peace & Harmony with the Everyday World Around Us, available in paperback and on Kindle, included in Kindle Unlimited. 

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