New Essential Books on Writing

We all need to continually improve our skills, and writers are no different from any other profession. Writers need encouragement, guidance, and good advice on the craft and life of writing to grow and prosper. Fortunately, several new books have come out in the last several months to provide this virtual mentoring. Here’s my list of recommended new books on writing, based on advance review copies from the kind publishers:

Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being. I read this book like daily scripture for my writer’s soul, a page or two at a time, before my journal writing each day. My copy has lots and lots of underlines, stars, and margin notes – my greatest compliment. 

Julia Cameron, Write for Life and Floor Sample. If you follow the Artist’s Way method, you’ll want to read these two new books by famed writing and creativity teacher Julia Cameron. Write for Life is a follow-up to The Artist’s Way and an in-depth reminder of why you write those 3 daily morning pages, go on artist’s date each week and take long walks. Floor Sample is her brutally honest memoir. Her struggles to find herself, get sober, and go on to guide countless other writers are truly inspiring.

Chuck Wendig, Gentle Writing Advice: How to Be a Writer Without Destroying Yourself. The main title is tongue in cheek. Wendig gives not-so-subtle, brutally raw advice on the life of a writer and the process of writing. It’s akin to having many drinks at a dive bar with a no-holds barred veteran of the profession. Loved it. Release date: June 6.

Beth Kempton, The Way of the Fearless Writer. If you’re new to writing and struggle to stick to your writing discipline, this would be a good book for you. If you’re into yoga and Japanese philosophy, all the better. Release date: July 11.

Happy Reading as you develop all those writerly muscles and brain cells!


Cynthia Coe is the author of The Prayer Shawl Chronicles: Stories of Unlikely Connections & Unexpected Gifts, along with several other fiction and non-fiction books.

Legal Disclosures: I generally receive free digital copies of books I review from the publishers. If I read them and like them, I say so. Otherwise, I don’t. I provide links to these products, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases (which means I may get a very small fee if you click through the link and buy something). Honestly, I write this blog for fun and to promote my own books. I pay for expenses out of my own pocket.

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