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Here are Sycamore Cove’s books by Cynthia Coe:

The Prayer Shawl Chronicles

Knit with love, Prayer Shawls are handmade pieces of knitting that show someone you care. A Prayer Shawl wraps a person in prayer and love, just like a warm, fuzzy blanket. Each story in The Prayer Shawl Chronicles is a fictional tale of someone who finds herself in need of healing – and that quest for healing ultimately helps someone else heal as well. Unexpected gifts appear, seemingly out of nowhere. Unlikely connections are made, sometimes across cultures and even continents, sometimes between people who might never imagine themselves connected in any way. By the end of the book, all the stories connect and loop around each other, just like the yarn of a knitted prayer shawl.

The Knitting Guild of All Saints

Book Two of The Prayer Shawl Chronicles series. The prayer shawl ministry of All Saints Church goes out into the world, and characters find themselves in new and unexpected places and situations. New characters appear as well! Available in paperback, e-book, and included in Kindle Unlimited at this link

Considering Birds & Lilies: Finding Peace & Harmony With the Everyday World Around Us

CONSIDERING BIRDS & LILIES explores the deep connection between time in nature and the Christian faith. In this thoughtful book, Cynthia Coe takes the reader through a number of expressions and examples of spirituality in nature in both the Old and New Testaments, along with nature-based practices of spirituality by Jesus and by early Christians. Topics include the role of wilderness in preparation for leadership and for new mission, the use of nature by Jesus to teach important concepts of spirituality, and the practice of faith outdoors, in the garden, and even in our own backyards. The author offers an introduction to a number of nature-based practices of spirituality, along with a series of Garden Meditations for individual use.

Ginger’s Reckoning

It’s the Spring of 1990. The Berlin Wall has come down, and the United States has won the Cold War. After a struggling economy, Ginger’s husband Steve has come up with a great way to make his investment firm money, through the Vulture Fund. But there’s problems. Ginger and Steve find that the Feds are about to seize all their assets. There is one way yuppies Ginger and Steve can hold onto their wonderful lifestyle in Houston, but the solution is in Switzerland and may land Ginger in jail. Alone in a rapidly changing Europe, Ginger runs into unexpected enemies and unexpected kindness from strangers along the way. As she retreats once more to Moscow, she faces choices between living a simpler but rich life…or more stressful years trying to achieve the American Dream set down by the previous generation.

Runaway Kitty

Fifteen year old Kitty Fields has had enough.  She hates school, can’t seem to make friends, and now her parents have lost the family home to foreclosure.  Kitty decides to run away.  What could possibly go wrong?  Follow Kitty as she lives with sketchy so-called friends, in abandoned homes and apartments, and meets many diverse characters in the West Knoxville suburbs.  Based on Cindy’s real life experiences as a mom of two teenagers, this book shows a slice of life in the new poverty of the American suburbs.


 Wild Faith: A Creation Care Curriculum for Youth 

Wild Faith may be used by adults seeking to introduce care of the environment to youth from about middle school age to adult.  Six “modules” include a liturgy for a worship service, interactive and experiential group learning activities, small group discussion questions for reflection or journaling, and short prayers for use during the day or before bedtime.  This book as been popular with adults who love the outdoors and have used it for their personal spirituality.

Earth Our Garden Home: Creation Care Lessons for Children 

Earth Our Garden Home is a small, handy book containing short prayers, interactive group games, and discussion questions for use with early and middle elementary aged children.  Adults have found these activities helpful in linking environmental issues to faith as well.  Each of five lessons and four reflections on the parables of Jesus are firmly linked to scripture.  A final section of this books gives tips on teaching creation care in everyday life.

Christian Nurture in the Twenty-First Century 

Christian Nurture in the Twenty-First Century explores new ideas for prioritizing and effectively leading children, youth, and adults through the process of Christian formation in a time of rapid change and secularization.  Popular posts from the blog are included in this book.


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