Sycamore Cove is a boutique publisher of Cynthia Coe’s fiction and non-fiction books.  Located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of East Tennesee, Sycamore Cove is a place of quiet beauty and deep spirituality.  It’s a marvelous place to write, edit and read.

All of Cynthia Coe’s books are available in both paperback and on Kindle via Amazon.com and its international affiliates.  Visit her Author Page on Amazon by clicking here.

Cindy’s latest publication is Considering Birds & Lilies: Finding Peace & Harmony with the Everyday World Around Us.  This new book explores the deep connection between time in nature and the Christian faith. In this thoughtful book, Cynthia Coe takes the reader through a number of expressions and examples of spirituality in nature in both the Old and New Testaments, along with nature-based practices of spirituality by Jesus and by early Christians.

Topics include the role of wilderness in preparation for leadership and for new mission, the use of nature by Jesus to teach important concepts of spirituality, and the practice of faith outdoors, in the garden, and even in our own backyards. The author offers an introduction to a number of nature-based practices of spirituality, along with a series of Garden Meditations for individual use. These meditations introduce readers to the practice of Lectio Natura, the spiritual practice of seeing parables in the natural world around us in everyday life.

This book will affirm the importance of time in nature as an essential part of the Christian faith and in the practice of Christian spirituality. Questions for small group discussion, journaling, or individual reflection are offered at the end of each chapter, making this book an excellent resource for Christian formation by groups or individuals.

Other books available  include the novel Ginger’s Reckoning.  Follow Ginger Jordan as she flees her yuppie life in Houston to try to salvage her fortune, escaping East through the Berlin Wall in 1990.  This book was based on Cynthia’s travels in Europe at the end of the Cold War and on her experiences as a very disillusioned young lawyer.  (She’s now fully recovered.) Set in Houston, Knoxville, Zurich, Berlin, and Moscow, this book moves quickly and takes the reader on a ride through the immediate post Cold War period in Europe and America.

Cindy’s newest novel is Runaway Kitty, a tale of a 15 year old Knoxville teen who decides to punt school and live on her own.  This novel takes the reader through the seamier sides of the Knoxville suburbs and lifts the lid on what life in the suburbs is really like in the 21st century – a far cry from the wholesome middle class existence one might expect.  This book was written as an attempt to discover why so many teens run away and (unrealistically) feel that their lives will be better if they skip high school and try to make it on their own in a difficult world.

Non-Fiction books include Earth Our Garden Home: Creation Care Lessons for Children and Wild Faith: A Creation Care Curriculum for Youth.  These books were written as part of Cindy’s time as an Environmental Stewardship Fellow of The Episcopal Church.  These books were designed to introduce children and youth to environmental stewardship as part of their faith journey.

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